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Founded in 1953, when Sheikh Ali A. Al Tamimi decided to start his journey as an entrepreneur by establishing a company that specialized in building pipeline construction and general contracting. The company grew later to become a leader in different business sectors, such as building and contracting, trading, manufacturing, catering, operations and maintenance, and retail. The group also succeeded in establishing a few more sectors in marine services, industrial services and power. Tamimi Group of Companies has expanded into many other fields of operation that has led to its present status as a wide spectrum construction, contracting, commercial and manufacturing group of companies. Tamimi Group of Companies employs over 18,000 people of some 28 different nationalities, distributed throughout several dozen companies in diverse sectors. Tamimi Group of Companies consists of some 30 companies or divisions. It is a wholly owned Saudi Arabian entity, with its head office in Dammam and regional offices in all major cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE.

Mission and Vision


To achieve growth and expansion within and outside the Kingdom for each of our products and services to provide integrated solutions with the highest quality and professionalism.


To achieve success with partners by adding value for our products with high quality and professionalism.


Catering (since 1977)

The Company is in catering business since 1977. It provides a wide range of services, including catering and food services, operations and maintenance, temporary facility construction, facility management services, industrial services, and highly qualified management services. The Company also provides temporary accommodation facilities with all life support services for long and short-term on a turnkey basis. It also safeguards the security, cleanliness and efficient operation of the working and living environments of many thousands of personnel throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. The Company has been continuously in the forefront of the contracting and services industry with more than 160 current support contracts under way throughout the Gulf Region including such prestigious clients as Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company, SABIC, Ministry of Health and National Guard Hospitals.

Operations & Maintenance Services (since 1977)

Tamimi Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M), a branch of Tamimi Company provides round the clock support services to the largest government organizations and private corporations in the Kingdom, including SABIC, SASREF, TASNEE, Saudi Aramco, and Chevron. Tamimi O&M has an extensive and proven track record of capably handling major projects. Tamimi O&M has a system for in-house diversified trainings for all of our new employees to ensure they provide services in a professional, responsible manner. Range of services includes industrial construction services, industrial maintenance services, housing operations & maintenance services services, industrial plant buildings operations & maintenance services, janitorial services, manpower supply, and equipment supply.

Food Industry (since 2009)

The Company started food industry operations in November 2009. It is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distributing a wide range of consumer packaged goods (CPG) offered under different brand names. The company positions itself as a source of high-quality foods and offers a unique bundle of competitive advantages in terms of superior value, variety, and innovative distribution to different market channels. The Company owns number of retail outlets and restaurants in Riyadh, and they supply a wide variety of food items like daily plates, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, sweets, cakes and fresh bakery.

Food Retail (since 1979)

In 1979 Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al Tamimi opened the kingdom’s first modern supermarket in Khobar and partnered with Safeway, a North American food retailer, to import products from around the world. Today the Markets is a major chain with more than 20 supermarkets in locations coast to coast, including Riyadh, Al Khobar, Al Hasa, Dammam, Jubail and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology near Jeddah. The company’s vision is to be the best supermarket in Saudi Arabia, with plans to double its stores in the kingdom to 50 by 2020.

Commercial (since 1949)

Tamimi Commercial Division (TCD), the Tamimi Group’s trading arm since 1949, is one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest and largest importer/distributors. TCD prides itself on its long-term Kingdom wide agency and distributorship agreements with big number of well known brands worldwide. TCD has a presence across the Kingdom with offices and warehouses in Al Khobar, Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Onaiza, Madinah, Tabuk, Khamis and Yanbu.

Infrastructure & Construction (since 1998)

Tamimi Company constitutes one of the largest private organizations in Saudi Arabia, it is operating in diverse fields such as general construction, pipelining, import and export trading, computer hardware and software, transportation and marketing. The Company has identified the demand for efficient and reliable techniques and decided to invest in the most up-to-date trenchless technique, microtunneling, in the Saudi market. A few projects were carried out in the most difficult soil conditions with great success and in remarkably short time periods. The pipelining industry reacted very positively to these achievements and to the company.

Marine & Offshore Services (since 2009)

Tamimi Group has established a new subsidiary company with main operation office strategically located at Rahima and managed by a team of highly experienced and professional marine personnel. The Company is the provider of choice for many vessel operators at Ras Tanura Port, Dammam Port, Khafji Port, and Jubail Industrial and Commercial Ports. It also provides a variety of services: vessel chartering, inward and outward clearance of offshore support vessels, cargo clearance, crew change, taxi boat services and offshore support logistics.

Real Estate & Development (since 1953)

Tamimi Real Estate & Construction Division is a pioneering community developer, with over 60 years of experience in the local markets, offering integrated and holistic services in real estate, retail, hospitality, infrastructure, residential and commercial landscape with mixed-use master developments and destinations catering to diverse lifestyles. Tamimi Real Estate & Construction Division has vested interest in ensuring our projects not only delight and reward our own partners, but also enhance and complement Saudi Arabia as a whole. Tamimi Real Estate & Construction Division can assist its partners with the complete range of real estate, property development and investment, sales and marketing, leasing and property management, and lettings.

Power & Industrial (since 1976)

The Power & Industrial Group is a subsidiary of the Tamimi Group of Companies, with its head office based in the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and regional offices in all of the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Power & Industrial Group provides high-quality products, equipment and services to numerous major companies in Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Aramco, SEC, SABIC and many more. The Power & Industrial Group represents more than 30 prestigious name brand companies that include GE Energy, GE Oil & Gas, GE Water, Braden, Chesterton, Aquilex and other equally well-known companies. The Group also provides complete solutions for its customers, as exemplified by our full on-site services. The group also executes turnkey projects. We offer our power group to our customers as the ultimate complete solution for all their power and industrial business needs.

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